Greater Stories is a podcast for those doing the hard work of building, doubting, and showing up anyway.

Hosted by Minnow Park, a coach and photographer based in NYC, and David Choe, co-founder of STAAT based in SF.

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It feels as if no one talks about how hard it is to build something.

Successful entrepreneurs and founders mention it in a memoir or an interview, then move on to the next win or success.What would it look like to dive into those moments of unknowing, doubt, and failure? We’d find someone in the trenches, feeling alone, while holding two opposing realities in tension:

  • Someone who is excited to begin, but awkward and embarrassed to get started.

  • Someone who feel so passionately about the project, and yet wonder what’s the point.

  • Someone who hears about other people doing great things, and yet they feel no one around them understands.

  • Someone who is exhausted after a full day of focus, but feel like they made no progress.

  • Someone who thinks about their work all the time, and yet they don’t know how to explain what you do at dinner.

These brave, tired souls in the trenches are whom we call builders.

We are builders.

We are founders, creators, and employees who are doing the hard work of building something meaningful for ourselves and those around us.

Greater Stories is a podcast for builders.

Our goal is to help each other become the better builders. We help ease the monotony and loneliness that comes with trying to show up everyday to do meaningful work.We’ll explore the hairiest problems that keep us up at night or make us go in circles during the day. The answers aren’t cut and dry, but they are worth wrestling and talking about. It’ll be easier to face the hard truths, the grey areas, and complicated decisions together.If this feels all too intense, it’s because it is. Showing up everyday to do your vocation, the thing you can’t not do is not for the faint of heart.Some days you wish you didn’t care so much. But what can you do? This is what you should be doing.We’re here to say, keep going. Don’t stop.

Keep going.

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